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Frequently Asked Questions

At White Diamonds Academy, we believe that great education begins with open communication. This page addresses many of the questions and concerns you may have. We are dedicated to providing the most up-to-date information possible. We always welcome your feedback and questions, and look forward to helping you make the best choices when it comes to your education.


White Diamonds Academy is the perfect place to reach your educational goals.

Scroll down to see answers to all your questions.

What is behind the name “WHITE DIAMONDS ACADEMY”?

We see each of our learners as more precious than the purest of Diamonds. Our learners are pearls, pure and innocent; and we are determined to support their grooming into virtuous adults

What Curriculum do you implement?

Our unique multi-curricula is a hybrid of the Nigerian national curriculum and a blend of international (British, American) programmes

What are your special areas of focus?

To provide all round education, we focus on value-based Education, Life Development Skills, Differentiated Classroom Learning, STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics; Computer Based Tests, Dance, Drama and Poetry Club, Field trips/Subject Matter Expert Workshops, Diction Classes, Maths Clinic and indoor games (including Board Games like Chess, and Scrabble) and outdoor sports.

What are you teaching methods?

We implement a combination of ICT facilitated learning, Direct Classroom instruction with white boards, electronic board, power point presentations, flipped Class Room (pre-recorded lessons), Project Based learning, Game Based learning, Differentiated learning and Field Trips.

Admission and Employment policy

We give equal opportunity for admission or employment to all. We do not segregate based on race, tribe, religion, social status or disability.

Do you have boarding facilities? 

We have boarding facilities that feels like home away from home for Elementary and High school learners.

What is your examination malpractice policy?

Examination malpractice is totally prohibited at White Diamonds Academy. Any staff or student found culpable of examination malpractice both at internal and external examinations will be sanctioned and this may include termination or expulsion.

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